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A Slovenian woman, Julija Adlesic has been sentenced to prison for 2 years for cutting off her hand to claim insurance money.

Adlesic had schemed with her boyfriend to collect on some big policies they took out on her. In all, they got 5 policies totaling more than $1 million.

To get the loot, they cut off her hand with a circular saw and then filed a claim — presumably some sort of disability claim. She had claimed it happened as she cut branches.

The court found that she and her boyfriend had intentionally left the severed hand behind rather than bringing it with them to ensure the disability was permanent. However, authorities recovered it in time to sew it back on.

Prosecutors said the woman’s boyfriend had also made internet searches about artificial hands in the days beforehand.

Prosecutors said this was proof that the injury was intentional.

Adlesic and several relatives were arrested in 2019 after she arrived in hospital with her hand cut off above the wrist.

Had the application been successful, the insurance policies would have paid her half upfront and the balance in monthly installments.

However, she got apprehended and would spend 2 years in prison while her boyfriend got 3 years.

Adlesic’s boyfriend’s father was also given a one-year suspended sentence.

Throughout the trial, Adlesic had denied intentionally cutting off her hand.



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