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Macaulay Culkin is 40. The Home Alone star tweeted Hey guys, Wanna feel old? I’m 40. You are welcome.

The Home Alone star shut to fame at an early age of 10. Fans of the Macaulay Culkin and Home Alone across the world still look at him with the eyes of a 10-year-old due to his spectacular and Hilarious performance.

As Macaulay Culkin turns 40, here are facts about this Home Alone star.

1.) He Was in a Michael Jackson Music Video

Culkin appeared in the video for Michael Jackson’s song, “Black or White.” The song was released in 1991.

2.) His Role in Home Alone Was Written Specifically for Him

Director Chris Columbus auditioned more than 100 kids for the part of Kevin in Home Alone. He knew that Culkin would eventually play the part.

3.) His Brother Was Also in Home Alone

Kieran Culkin can also be seen in the cult classic film as Kevin’s cousin, Fuller. Kieran has since appeared in several other films.

4.) He Got Married When He Was 17

When Culkin was just 17 years old, he got married to Rachel Miner. However, they were only married for two short years before they got divorced.

5.) He Was the First Child Actor to Receive $1 Million for a Single Movie

Obviously, he got his $1 million for Home Alone. His parents reportedly got into a legal battle about what to do with the money he earned.

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6.) He Was Close With Michael Jackson

You might be aware that Culkin and Michael Jackosn were very good friends, but did you know that Culkin is also the godfather to two of Jackson’s children, Prince Michael and Paris?

7.) He Had His First On-Screen Kiss in My Girl

The kiss was with co-star Anna Chlumsky. Chlumsky is now 35 years old and is known now for her role in Veep as the character Amy Brookheimer. My Girl came out in 1991, and the sequel, My Girl 2, was released in 1994.

8.) He Is a Published Author

Culkin published a novel called Junior, which is semi-autobiographical and details Culkin’s stardom and relationship with his parents. The novel is an experimental project.



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