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WWE Summer Slam went down yesterday. The excitement as expected was over the roof. We saw the return of the Big Dog, Roman Reigns, including the crowning of The Fiend as Universal Champion.

Here are the full WWE Summer Slam results:

The Fiend wins the Universal Championship, gets killed by Roman Reigns

“The Fiend” Bray Wyatt defeated Braun Strowman in a car crash of a Falls Count Anywhere match to win the Universal Championship. Roman Reigns returned afterward, spearing The Fiend and destroying Strowman with a chair.

The championship match itself was all big moves. It began with The Fiend hitting a urangage on Strowman. The two ended up outside, with Strowman crashing The Fiend through the barricade. He then tried to slam The Fiend through the announcer’s table, but it didn’t break. Back in the ring, he hit his running power slam for a two count. They then went backstage, where The Fiend planted Strowman with a Sister Abigail.

Drew McIntyre pins Randy Orton

Drew McIntyre is still WWE Championship. After an excellent match, he pinned Randy Orton with a rollup. This was the opposite of the earlier Rollins/Mysterio match. There weren’t any spectacular spots, but a lot of fantastic wrestling. From start to finish, this was smooth, well-paced and intense.

It began with Orton playing mind games, evading McIntyre by stalling outside the ring. McIntyre would get frustrated, and Orton would take advantage. The RKO and Claymore were both teased early. It turned into a very strong back-and-forth bout. Orton hit a suplex on the announce table, McIntyre locked in the Figure Four as a nod to Ric Flair. Orton did his patented middle-rope DDT, McIntyre reverses a tree of woe into a suplex, and scored a top-rope clothesline. Both men ended up bloodied up, and both men worked incredibly hard. The finish was great because it was a clean pin but not a definitive one. McIntyre won, but not decisively enough that a rematch doesn’t make sense.

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Asuka wins Raw Women’s Championship

Asuka tapped out Sasha Banks to win the Raw Women’s Championship for the WWE Summer Slam 2020 was by far the best match of the night so far. The bout followed the story from the opening match. Asuka’s leg was injured, so Banks went straight for that. Just moments in, Banks hit a gnarly sunset flip powerbomb to Asuka from the apron to the ground. Yet the highlight of the match came as Banks and Asuka traded submission holds — from Asuka Lock to Banks Statement, back and forth — leading to some awesome false finishes. The actual finish came when Bayley tried to interfere but caught a spinning forearm from Asuka. Banks tried to work off the distraction, a mirror from the Bayley match’s finish, but Asuka countered into the Asuka Lock for the submission.

Seth Rollins pins Dominik Mysterio

As far as the first matches go, this was an excellent one for Dominik Mysterio for WWE Summer Slam 2020. But as far as feature SummerSlam matches go, this was too long and had a bit too much smoke and mirrors. With that said, the finish was awesome: Rey Mysterio was handcuffed to the ropes (some of the smoke and mirrors I mentioned) and watched as Rollins curb stomped Dominik for the three counts. Other than Rey being handcuffed, this street fight also saw a cameo appearance by Rey’s wife, interference from Murphy, the extensive use of kendo sticks, and a spot that saw both Dominik and Rollins crash through a table. But the wrestling itself was average. It had to be: This was Dominik’s first match. Rollins is amazing, and Dominik did super well, so it certainly wasn’t bad. It just felt like a lot of filler between spots. It would have been stronger with a third of its length cut. That said, Dominik Mysterio is clearly going to be great.

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Mandy Rose defeats Sonya Deville

WWE’s ThunderDome features piped-in audio to replicate the sounds of a live crowd for WWE Summer Slam 2020. This match benefitted greatly from that because I’m sure it would have died in front of a crowd. Mandy Rose got the win after hitting three running knee strikes on Sonya Deville, and then planting Deville with a pedigree-face buster. These two women worked hard, but it was ultimately sloppy and a little boring. It was a no disqualification match, which ended up meaning a lot of ringside brawling but not much in the way of spectacle. After the bout, Michael Cole blithely states that Deville must not leave WWE, struggling hard to care. One upside: It felt like this match was designed to show a tough side to Mandy Rose. That’s a legitimately redeeming quality here because it gives the bout purpose. It wasn’t exciting to watch, but it still achieved something.

Street Profits retain Raw Tag Team Championships

Kevin Owens was out for commentary for this match. Montez Ford and Angelo Dawkins got the W after Ford hit a wicked Frog Splash on Angel Garza, who was teaming with Andrade. This bout was a little disjointed at points, but it was a solid tag match. Dawkins is a freak of an athlete, which makes it fun to watch him do basically anything. Andrade is an underrated performer and was another highlight. It began with Ford getting the advantage over Garza, but the bad guys quickly turned things around by double-teaming and beating down on Ford. Things picked up when Dawkins got the hot tag and cleared the house. He had a strong — but too brief — exchange with Andrade. In the end, Andrade would be distracted when Zelina Vega was knocked off the apron, allowing the Street Profits to get the pin on Andrade.

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Bayley beats Asuka

The main show kicked off with Asuka’s first championship opportunity as she took on Bayley for the SmackDown Women’s Championship. Bayley would end up retaining by securing a rollup after interference from Sasha Banks. It was not a particularly good match. The story is that Bayley, towards the end, but the hurt to Asuka’s knee. This began with Bayley dropping Asuka knee-first into the apron. She then followed with some leg-based submissions. After the match, Banks and Bayley beat down on Asuka further. In other words, this match was a warmup for the Asuka versus Sasha Banks for the Raw Women’s Championship. That is likely to be the better bout. Bayley and Asuka didn’t really click here. There’s also the issue of Bayley’s offense, which is often not convincing. This was noticeable here, where she applied some weak-looking “submission holds” that poor Corey Graves had to try and explain (“it’s a kneebar, sort of, but she hasn’t got it all…”)

Apollo Crews retains United States Championship

Crews defeated MVP in a short match to retain his US title. He pinned MVP after a spinning powerbomb.



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