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Babatunde Omidina, aka Baba Suwe, is alive and well. The actor was forced to debunk the rumour of his death that has gone viral on social media.

Baba Suwe who was contacted by Tribune Online said he was informed about the death rumour, adding that he was surprised that people could go to any extent to wish death on their fellow human beings.

He said: “Anybody that wants me dead should die ahead of me and wait for me in heaven. It is very disturbing that people could wake up spread false news about you, especially a sensitive and wicked news at that. I am alive. I am well. I will be fine. I am not dead. I don’t think a dead man could be talking to you as I am right now.”

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This is just unfair and evil for someone to cook up such dirty, unjust and unverified news without bearing in mind the consequences. It is criminal and unlawful. We have an organised and structured association and we are improving daily to be of standard and maximum service to all. Members of the public and media should rely on the relevant officers within the association that caters for information or welfare of members. They are charge to give up to date information on such salient matters on all members having followed the due process of dignity and Protocol before coming public. Junks and quacks are responsible for this rumours, avoid such platforms please. This nonsense must stop now. BABA SUWE IS ALIVE. Attached video was me checking up on him last Sunday and I again just spoke with him this morning around 11:13am this Friday. Thank you for all your concerns and Happy Birthday to the Legend in advance. Long Live The King of Comedy, Baba Suwe. Yomi Fabiyi

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Also clarifying the Baba Suwe is not dead, actor Yomi Fabiyi asked those pushing the rumours that he is dead should desist from such adding that the actor is alive and well.

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