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Furious fans of BBNaija reality TV show have called on organisers to bring back the old voting process after one of the housemates Kaisha was evicted from the house.

Kaisha was evicted from the BBNaija house by fellow housemates despite having the highest percentage votes among the four that were up for eviction including TrickyTee, Wathoni, and Neo.

Fans also pointed out that since the showrunners planned to evict one housemate, they should have simply put up the 3 housemates that had the lowest percentage vote including TrikyTee, Wathoni, and Neo for eviction. Thus Kaisha would have been saved and would still be in the house. This voting process fans say has diminished the power of fans to vote their favourite housemates and they questioned the essence of voting.

Interestingly, this is the second time this is happening on the show. Lilo one of the early evicted housemates of BBNaija season 5 was had to exit the house despite having the highest votes among all the housemates up for eviction.

As such, fans are demanding that the return of the old voting process and at the same time demanding justice for Kaisha.



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