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In a shocking response to the demolition of the Enugu airport fence, the residence of John Jerry Emejulu has been demolished by the Enugu state capital territory development authority.

Narrating what happened, Hadi Sirika, the Minister of Aviation said Emejulu had hired thugs who accompanied him to bring down the fence on the claim that it encroached into his land.

“While the procurement (of the Enugu airport rehabilitation) was going on, a certain cantankerous individual by name Arch. J.J. Emejulu came with bulldozers and hundreds of armed thugs and destroyed more than 2km of our fence”.

Condemning the architect’s action, Sirika said that the demolition of the fence is unfortunate and very unbecoming and that he will be taught a serious lesson on how not to tamper with public properties.

The minister went on to say that Emejulu carried out the act at a time when President Muhammadu Buhari released funds for the reconstruction on the airport, a project which he referred to as having being abandoned for a long time.

He added: “I am sure he will regret this. And this is an opportunity for the government to show that no one can take the law into his hands and wilfully destroy national assets. “We will not forgive him. The Chief of Air Staff, the Inspector General of Police and the Director-General of DSS will be directed to do the needful and bring him to book.”

Speaking to newsmen after inspecting the site to ascertain the level of destruction, Sirika expressed deep sadness that the perpetrator could take such an unlawful act by destroying a “national security asset”, at a time the federal government was in the course of delivering the Enugu airport, on August 30, as promised.



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