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Ikorodu Bois, who have become popular for the remake of movies and celebrity videos have received movie-making equipment from Netflix.

The Ikorodu Bois got the attention of Netflix after their remake of the trailer of Extraction.

From every gunshot fired in the original trailer to every dialogue delivered, the Bois have acted every frame with amateur movie-making equipment.

Sharing the video on June 24 on Twitter, they wrote, “We so much love this movie and we hope @chrishemsworth and @netflix see this remake, pls retweet.” So far, the video has garnered over 11.3 million views, 158.6K retweets, and comments, and 445K Likes.

The Bois caught everyone’s attention as Chris Hemsworth the star of Extraction, Russo Brothers, and Extraction director Sam Hargrave retweet the amazing videos. The Russo Brothers even invited them to the premiere of Extraction 2!

It even gets more interesting for the Ikorodu Bois as they have now been gifted movie-making equipment by Netflix Now, they would be able to make better and quality movies. Apparently, the movie-making equipment was presented to Ikorodu Bois on behalf of Netflix.

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Ikorodu Bois comprises 3 brothers and their cousin: brothers Babatunde Sanni, 23, Muiz Sanni,15, Malik Sanni, 10, and their cousin Fawas Aina, 13. The three young boys are usually involved in the videos and their eldest brother Babatunde Sanni edits the videos and manages them.



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